Presidents Message – October 2017

Presidents Message – October 2017

When the weather gets bad, the clouds come down, there is ice in them, but we still need to get past the Cascades, our options are limited.  There are the routes through Snoqualmie Pass, Stampede Pass, and Stevens Pass, but really the main thoroughfare is The Gorge. Almost sea level, straight east/west from Portland to Walla Walla and Pendleton, and easy to find, it gives VFR flyers without anti-ice a reasonable chance to travel on otherwise marginal days.  

Washington Political Action Committee By Laws

The WPA-PAC By-Laws were read into the Board Minutes on November 11, 2017 as a draft for comments by members. They will be scheduled for update and approval at the next Board meeting. Please call or write if you have questions. Download the proposed By-Laws...

Online Store

The Online Store is CLOSED for the season. The WPA Online Store features apparel and caps, available with the Official WPA logo – with or without your Chapter personalization. Please allow four to six weeks for order delivery as orders are collected by the...