Our State WPA is part of the DART program, which could be very important, even lifesaving in the event of bad forest fires, floods, earthquakes, landslides, or other disasters.  We have already been reduced to one way out of the Valley for a time, and we’ve seen the people trapped at Diablo, trapped in Oregon, and trapped near 101 in California.

Typical FEMA response teams don’t become fully involved for about five days.  With the DART program in place, we could be flying in important things, like food, water, doctors, medicine, and the list goes on, within hours of a tragedy. We could also be flying injured people back out.

The first step is to identify pilots their locations, capabilities, and willingness to participate.  To do that we fill out a simple form and send it in. This does not cost anything or make any commitment.  If you get a call and you are busy, sick, feel it is dangerous, or just don’t want to participate, you don’t have to.  How can we lose?

My goal is to get 100% participation by each Eastern Washington WPA Chapter (all their members who have an aircraft), so we can brag a little. And, I’d like to do it before the West side even realizes what we are doing.

A good article about the program is at this link: seaplanemagazine.com

The program developers are now working on the ground portion of the effort.  They will prepare materials to be moved, package them, develop a bill of lading and when you land to pick up the goods, they will give you the bill of lading with your number on it  load the goods in your aircraft, and point out your destination, complete with distance, the destination airport specifications and frequencies, and any other instructions, all right on the bill of lading! Obviously this ground effort is a huge one in itself.

You can sign up for DART by filling out the DART form. You fill it out and you are on the list!  I did it and found it was easy.

Thanks for considering this project.  Let me know when and if you sign up so I can know where we are and can report what we did.

Don Fitzpatrick, Jr   WPA VP- East

32 Eagles Nest Rd.

Winthrop, WA 98862

206-669-8278 Cell